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Cycle Syncing*: Why is it so guud?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel like crushing a heart-pumping workout and other times you just want to chill on the couch? That’s because changing hormones during your monthly cycle impact your energy and mood There’s no sense fighting it Instead, it’s time to harness the power of your cycle with cycle syncing*!

That’s right: it’s time to go with the flow, instead of fighting against it

How, you ask? Let us walk you through it

What is Cycle Syncing*?

Put simply, cycle syncing* is living according to your cycle

Your body creates different hormones during each phase of your cycle and that’s why some days you feel like a rockstar and other days… more like a rock

You don’t need to be a victim All you need to do is understand these hormonal shifts and then modify your usual activities to suit what’s happening in your body

When you’re in tune with your body, you’ll start to see an impact on every part of your life from work to your social life to your athletic performance and your sex drive

Why you need Cycle Syncing* in your Life

Cycle syncing* is basically magic When you’re in tune with your body, you can relieve common problems like:

  • Ongoing stress and low mood

  • Feeling burnt out and overworked

  • PMS

  • Heavy periods

Sounds pretty guud, right? We think so too

Morgane, co-founder of Guud, is a huge fan of cycle syncing* In fact, she plans a lot of her life around her cycle This might sound complicated, but we promise, it’s not!

How to Get Started

If you’re not already tracking your cycle, you need to start ASAP This is the first step in cycle syncing* and it’s an important one

You can go the old fashioned route and use a calendar, or download an app to help you There are dozens available for free (Clue, Flo tracker, Eve)

By tracking your cycle, you’ll be able to find out how long your cycle is This is an important detail you need to know in order to start cycle syncing*

Using your newly downloaded app, or an old fashioned pen and paper, you should also start tracking your mood Ask yourself some questions: When do you feel strong and powerful? When do you feel vulnerable? When are you feeling low and lazy? When do you need some extra self-love? When do you feel like having sex? When do you feel like seeing your friends and when do you feel like a solo Netflix and chill sesh?

After a few months of note taking, it’s time to do a bit of detective work If you see a pattern, you’re onto something

The patterns you notice will tell you the different phases of your cycle And, it’s much more than just your period

Now what?

Now that you know your pattern, it’s time to work with it!

Each phase has its own superpower! Here’s how to make the most of it

✨ Follicular Phase (Spring)

Best for: making plans, brainstorming, new beginnings, femininity

In this phase, you’ll be feeling pretty guud

If you have a presentation to give at work, you’ll probably nail it That’s because the hormones that are preparing your body for ovulation and possible conception are in overdrive and they’re the same hormones that make you feel on top of the world! You’ll be more assertive, willing to take more risks and ready to absolutely crush your next workout

You’re also more open to things right now and feeling much more social It might be a good time to start a new project or plan a party

And you’ll be absolutely on the ball at work because your creative juices are flowing You’ll be a problem solving and brainstorming master

Finally, in addition to all this badass energy you’re channelling, you’re also feeling like an absolute goddess It’s a great time to plan a date because you’ll be feeling 10/10 desirable and attractive right now

☀️ Ovulation Phase (Summer)

Best for: Communicating, experimenting, collaborating, showing off, discovering new things, going on adventures

Short and sweet Just like summer

You’ll be confident, social, and generally more joyful in this phase so make the most of it All this happy energy is a result of your hormones again (thanks estrogen!)

You’ll also be a rockstar at work since your communication and teamwork skills are at their best in this phase If you need to close a deal or talk to your boss about that promotion, now’s the time to do it! You’re more likely to be bold, articulate and utterly persuasive with your words

Just like the Springtime phase, you’ll be feeling hot so plan a date night with your partner and take advantage of all the good vibes

🧘‍♀️ Luteal or Pre-Menstrual Phase (Autumn)

Best for: concentration, slowing down, self-care

Time to turn it down a notch After all that big, bold energy, it’s time for a moment of reflection This can feel like real low after the momentum and power of the Spring and Summer phase, but fear not There is a way to make the most of this phase too

Now is the time to tie up some loose ends If you struggle with PMS, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this suggestion, but hear us out

Being more efficient with your time will help you get ready for the winter phase (aka: your period) You’ll be able to complete a lot of things in this phase because you’ll be feeling more task-oriented and focused

After the party that was spring and summer, you’ll benefit from some solo time in this phase Nourish yourself with healthy food Do yoga And, if you’re feeling a bit tense, now is the perfect time to book a relaxing massage or some acupuncture

If you suffer from PMS, taking care of yourself in this phase is going to be ultra important and, it could even improve some of your worst symptoms If you’re feeling particularly sensitive during this phase, you can also add supplements to your diet which are proven to help with things like mood swings, cramps, spots and tiredness

One supplement to try is magnesium This simple mineral can help relieve headaches and muscle tension

🩸 Menstrual Phase (Winter)

Best for: reflection, downtime, resting and recovery

Don’t feel guilty if you spend the evening curled up under a blanket in this phase This is when recovery is your best friend

When you have your period, you’re not always feeling your best, so it’s OK to keep the weekend agenda completely empty

Enjoy nourishing solo activities like a warm bath, a nice walk or a good book

And, try not to push yourself in sports or at the gym

This is a good time for reflection Look back on those patterns you identified and think about what went well What else could you do to harness the power of your cycle?

Want to know more about cycle syncing? Talk to us We love to hear from you

*“Cycle syncing” is a term coined and trademarked by Alisa Vitti, Functional Nutritionist, HHC, AADP.