We are here to make women feel guud every day

By Morgane & Jan

When Morgane stopped taking the pill after 10 years, her periods did not come back She waited months, but nothing happened She also suffered from hormonal acne and severe mood swings She decided to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS

This hormonal disorder makes getting pregnant difficult and while many women suffer from PCOS, its cause is still not fully understood So doctors couldn't help Morgane and it was a lonely journey

She retrained as a Nutrition & Fertility Expert and discovered that a healthy lifestyle and the right supplements have a positive impact on your cycle

After a lot of research and testing, Guud Woman finally emerged with its own line of supplements that combine the best of active and natural ingredients to improve your cycle

Guud experts

Scientific Board

Our advisory board, made up of doctors, pharmacists and gynaecologists, helps us to ensure the scientificality of our innovations and advice

Your partner

We're your partner for change, a helping hand, a cheerleading squad that cheers you on  Because we really care about you No one should be left in the dark about important topics like these!

What makes
us different?

We turn on the light for you and have the answers to your questions  We are here to open your eyes and show you what is possible  So that you feel good, in balance, in control and vibrant

By women for women

Guud is a warm and inclusive community for all your knowledge, support and supplements  We are here to help you because you deserve to feel like Guud every day of the month  Together we stand strong

All we ask is... Take the step, make the leap one day, one week, one month at a time

Because every woman has the opportunity to feel Guud.
The future is understanding our hormones on a deeper level

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