For Us, It's Personal

By Morgane & Jan - Founders Guud Woman

When Morgane was diagnosed with PCOS and doctors couldn’t help her, she was determined to help alleviate her symptoms herself. She decided to retrain as a Nutrition and Fertility expert and discovered that small lifestyle changes, in combination with the right supplements, had a positive impact on her cycle and fertility.

She knew she could help other women too. But the supplement industry is confusing and lots of products are full of chemical preservatives, artificial colourings and fillers and fail to deliver any results at all. Morgane & Jan were determined to create something better - something that actually worked!

After countless rounds of testing, Guud Woman was born! The result is a line of supplements designed by women for women with the best active and natural ingredients scientifically proven to support your health and menstrual cycle.

Our Approach

There’s no guesswork in what we do. When we made Guud Woman, we challenged every single ingredient. Our products are backed by health claims approved by the European Regulator. We worked with Pharmacist Charis D. Milonas who has a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Masters in Biomedical Sciences to help formulate our supplements. And, all our products are approved by FAVV (Federaal Agentschap voor de veiligheid van de voedselketen). The result is a supplement you can feel Guud about.

Our products are:

  • 100% plant-based
  • Made from sustainable ingredients - No chemical fillers or artificial colourings
  • Formulated to be safe to be taken together - no overdose possible
  • Scientifically formulated and made in Belgium

We’re Here For You

75% of women don’t understand their menstrual cycle and 90% struggle with some sort of menstrual issue. We knew we needed to start talking to women about how to live according to their cycle. Contrary to what we’ve been told all our lives, menstrual complaints are not just part of being a woman.

Get the support you deserve

Routinely dismissed by doctors or simply prescribed hormonal birth control, it was clear women needed more support but had nowhere to go. So we created our support function where women can chat with our team of experts on any issue they’re having. We have midwives, nutritionists, hormonal coaches and sexual health experts who can answer any question you might have. Trust us. We’ve heard it all!

Scientific Board

Our advisory board, made up of doctors, pharmacists and gynaecologists, helps us to ensure our products are backed by the latest science and research.

Guud experts

All we ask is... Take the step, make the leap.

One day, one week, one month at a time.

Because we know that every woman has the opportunity to feel guud.

When you understand your cycle, you can harness its power.

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