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Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertilty Coach


"Thanks to Guud Woman I feel confident and sexy:”

Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertilty Coach

Feeling a little low when you’re on your period is normal. In fact, more than 90% of women experience at least some negative period-related symptoms.

But do you ever feel so bad that even getting out of bed is a challenge? That’s how Gabriela felt every single month. She got in touch with us and now that she’s in tune with her cycle, she feels better than ever, all month long.

“When I stopped taking the pill, my body was completely disoriented,” she said.

“My period was MIA for a very long time, I lost a lot of hair, my boobs hurt like crazy and I had massive cramps and acne.”

From PMS to Problem-Free

PMS is a collective term used to describe a variety of physical and mental symptoms you might experience around your period. Things like mood swings, sore boobs, intense cravings, cramps, anxiety, acne, headaches, bloating… the list is long (and depressing!). They’re all normal, but normal doesn’t make them suck any less.

For the most part, we’re told to live with these symptoms; that they are just a part of being a woman.

For more extreme symptoms, some women turn to painkillers or start taking the pill but these are not the only options. When you understand the cause of these symptoms, you can start working with your body, instead of against it.

“Guud has completely changed my life,” said Gabriela. “My cycle is now completely normal and natural. I don’t have any of the problems I had before. I feel good all month long – confident and sexy - no matter what part of my cycle I’m in It’s honestly amazing.”

The right vitamins and minerals can help maintain your overall well-being and help regulate your hormones, but we also teach women how to listen to their bodies.

“I am now more in tune with my body than I’ve ever been in my whole life,” she said.

“I listen to what my body needs – rest, activity, nourishing food, self-care, downtime – and I respect those needs I can tell my body is grateful.”

Still, have questions? Check out our FAQs below and see what supplements are best for relieving PMS.

Is PMS normal?

Yes, PMS is common, but your symptoms should not be so intense that they stop you from enjoying your life. For centuries, women have been told that cramps, mood swings, bloating and other negative symptoms are just something we must live with, but that is truly not the case. A healthy cycle is one with no or minimal complaints.

What is PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome, abbreviated to PMS, is a collective term used to describe various symptoms that you might have around your period. You may experience physical and mental symptoms such as mood swings, sore breasts, intense cravings and binge eating, cramps, anxiety, acne, headaches or bloating.

PMS symptoms are associated with hormonal fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone. High levels of estrogen (compared to progesterone) contribute to PMS symptoms which is also known as estrogen dominance. 

What can I do to reduce my PMS symptoms?

Guud news! There’s actually a lot you can do!

In fact, we’ve got a whole blog post on the topic. Check it out here: seven clear and easy ways to Say Guudbye to PMS.

What vitamins and minerals are best to support my health and hormones?

Studies have shown that women with PMS are often deficient in magnesium and vitamin B6. Magnesium is found naturally in green vegetables, avocados, bananas, dark chocolate and nuts. Vitamin B6 that helps regulate your hormonal activity can be found in meat; poultry, eggs, green vegetables, papaya, bananas and oranges. If you don't get enough minerals and vitamin from your diet, you can always add a supplement to support your health. 

Other studies have also shown that healthy fats (omega-3 DHA) would help reduce PMS symptoms. Healthy fats can mainly be found in oily fish, nuts and seeds, avocado, olive oil or a supplement. If you opt for a supplement, see if you can opt for capsules based on algae oil (and not fish oil). Good for you and better for nature.

Do you suffer from PMS like Gabriela? Talk to one of our experts or take the quiz and discover What’s Guud for you.  We are always happy to help! 🥰

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