Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach


The Truth About Supplements

Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach

We don’t believe in a magic pill. There’s too many products out there offering quick fixes and impossible results and we were tired of the empty promises. So many women struggle with their menstrual health and instead of getting support, we’re often told to live with it - with inconvenience, with uncertainty and with pain! We deserve better. That’s why we started Guud Woman and developed our own line of supplements.

For Us, It’s Personal

Meet Morgane. She’s Guud Woman’s co-founder and you may have seen her on our Instagram and website. Guud Woman was born out of Morgane’s own personal experience. Several years ago, Morgane was diagnosed with PCOS and doctors couldn’t help her. She was told how to manage symptoms and offered hormonal birth control and that was it. No cure. No follow-ups.

Fed up and determined to help alleviate her symptoms herself, she decided to retrain as a Nutrition and Fertility expert. While training, she discovered that small lifestyle changes in combination with the right supplements had an incredibly positive impact on her cycle and fertility. It seemed so simple! Why weren’t doctors telling more women about this?!

She knew she could help other women too but navigating the supplement industry can be confusing. So many products are full of chemical preservatives, artificial colourings and fillers and fail to deliver any results at all. How is the average woman supposed to know what supplements to trust!? Morgane was determined to create something better - something that women could feel good about buying and something that actually worked!

Guud Woman is Born!

When Morgane told her husband and co-founder Jan that she wanted to create her own line of supplements, he was highly skeptical. He didn’t believe in the value of supplements and was convinced that most products on the market were full of crap. But Morgane convinced him they could create something better - so they did!

After countless rounds of testing, Guud Woman was born! The result is a line of supplements designed by women for women with the best active and natural ingredients scientifically proven to support and improve your health and menstrual cycle.

The supplement market is just like the food market. Think about lasagna. You can buy a cheap, frozen lasagna at your local supermarket that is full of processed ingredients, or you can buy an authentic, homemade lasagna from an Italian shop. Both products are labelled as lasagna, but which one do you think is better for you?

We interviewed 100 women and 90% were buying supplements but almost none of them knew the brands they were buying or what they were for. More importantly, the products these women were buying were highly synthetic and formulated with low quality versions of vitamins and minerals. They were high margin products designed to scale and no one seemed to know if they really even worked!

This is where we make a difference. There’s no guesswork in what we do. When we made Guud Woman, we challenged every single ingredient. Our products are backed by health claims approved by the European Regulator. We worked with Pharmacist Charis D. Milonas who has a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Masters in Biomedical Sciences to help formulate our supplements. And, all our products are approved by FAVV (Federaal Agentschap voor de Veiligheid van de Voedselketen) and Food Sup. The result is a supplement you can feel guud about.

But Here’s the Thing…

If you want to improve your menstrual health and reduce or eliminate your symptoms, your lifestyle plays a major role. Here’s an example. Imagine you struggle with acne and cramps during your period. At the same time, you’re working nonstop and you’re super stressed so you always grab fast-food for lunch because you have no time. And then, to wind down in the evening, you have a glass (or two or three…) of wine to help “take the edge off.” Sound familiar? It’s time for a hard truth, ladies. To help reduce your acne and cramps, you must make changes to your diet and reduce your stress, otherwise, adding a supplement into this scenario won’t make one bit of difference.

Learn the Language of Supplements

When you buy supplements, it’s important to understand the ingredients. You don’t need to be a scientist either. You just need to know the basics. Look for:

  • Zinc Bisglycinate – we use this kind of zinc, it’s easy on the stomach, and better absorbed by your body
  • Magnesium Citrate and/or Bisglycinate – widely considered to be the best form of magnesium
  • Active folic acid – folic acid is not just for when you’re pregnant. Find out more in this blog post Everything you need to know about folic acid
  • Omega-3 – from algae (not from fish oil)

All the minerals and vitamins we use are the highest quality and therefore better absorbed by the body. The result? A better flow, glow and vibe!

Still Not Convinced?

Maybe you’ve tried supplements before and nothing happened. Or maybe you just think your problems are too big and a vitamin won’t help. The fact is, 75% of women don’t understand their menstrual cycle and 90% struggle with some sort of menstrual issue. The best way to start changing these numbers is to start talking.

We created our support function where women can chat with our team of experts on any issue they’re having. We have midwives, nutritionists, hormonal coaches and sexual health experts who can answer any question you might have. Trust us. We’ve heard it all!

Get in touch. Talk to us. We are listening.

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