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”Guud helps women unlock their inner superpowers by living according to their cycle.”

"Supplements with magnesium are like a life hack for exercising when you’re on your period!"

“It’s time we started listening to our bodies and our needs.”

“Guud Woman offers a safe place to discuss taboo topics like the menstrual cycle or fertility.”

“Guud is a community for women who want to improve their menstrual health.”

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Bundle & Save

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Order two or more of our products together and save an extra 15%! It’s the smart way to save and support your cycle every day of the month.

Order two or more of our products together and save an extra 15%! It’s the smart way to save and support your cycle every day of the month.

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Rebecca Verhofstede

Midwife - Cycle & Fertility Expert 

As a Sensiplan Coach, Rebecca can help you track your cycle and better understand your fertile window to prepare or avoid a pregnancy. She loves to break taboos and is not averse to having a good look at your cervical mucus because it can tell you a lot about your menstrual cycle.

Uwe Porters

Midwife - Pregnancy, Postpartum & Intimacy Expert 

Uwe is all about breaking taboos related to pregnancy and childbirth. With more than ten years of experience, she is an expert on how creating new life changes a woman not just physically, but mentally as well.

Manon Pauwels

Personal Trainer - Head Coach at Fox-Fit

Manon can teach you how to use your cycle and your hormones to your advantage when working out. She is an exercise expert who can teach you how to listen to your body so you can push yourself that extra mile during the first half of your cycle when you have the most energy and your body can recover more easily.

Lily Joan Roberts

Nutrition en Gut Health Exper

Lily believes you can learn a lot about your health when you take a closer look at your gut. When your gut is balanced, everything works better, including your cycle. She is an expert on how your gut impacts your hormones and can help you understand how good nutrition can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Leen Scholiers

Pleasure & Love Expert

Leen is a certified sex, love and relationship coach specialised in female pleasure. She helps women live their best life by understanding what brings them pleasure and how to communicate their needs to their partners. Your libido is your life juice! Let’s turn it up!

Eva Luna

Women’s Health & Hormonal Expert

Eva teaches you to live life according to your cycle. As a women’s health and hormonal expert, she can teach you how to harness the power of your cycle for better fertility, increased libido and more energy.

Roxanne Vanderghinste

Holistic Nutrition & Hormonal Expert 

Hormones have a huge impact on our lives and bodies. With a passion for nutrition and health, Roxanne wants to make sure women get the right information about menstrual health to feel better.

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