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Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach


How to plan your holiday activities according to your cycle

Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach

Summer is the perfect time to take a break and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. However, planning your summer holiday activities can be challenging, especially if your period is coming along for the ride. Your cycle not only impacts your reproductive health, but also your physical and emotional well-being, so it’s no wonder it can both help or harm your much-anticipated summer holiday. But, by planning your summer holiday activities based on your cycle, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest without having to worry about cramps, mood swings, or other period problems. So go ahead: pack that white bikini and book some flights. Let’s do this! 

First up, here are a few tips to help you plan your summer holiday activities based on your menstrual cycle:

Track your menstrual cycle

The first step in planning your summer holiday activities based on your menstrual cycle is to track your cycle. You can use a menstrual cycle tracking app or a calendar to keep track of your period, ovulation, and other cycle-related symptoms. We’ve got a handy list of our favourite apps here if you don’t already use one. This information will help you to plan your summer holiday activities accordingly.

Want to learn more about how to track your menstrual cycle? Here’s a whole post on how you can become an expert on your own cycle. 

Plan your activities around your menstrual cycle

Once you have tracked your menstrual cycle, you can plan your summer holiday activities around it. For example, if you experience menstrual cramps during the first few days of your period, you may want to avoid strenuous activities such as hiking, biking, or swimming. Instead, you can plan to relax on the beach, take a spa day, or do some light yoga. We go into more detail on this below. 

Pack accordingly 

When packing for your summer holiday, it's important to pack the supplies you might need, especially if you’re going somewhere new or remote that might make buying pads or tampons a challenge. If you’re expecting your period, make sure to pack enough tampons or pads and comfortable clothing to help you feel at ease during your period, especially if you might be in for a long flight or car ride. That said, don’t shy away from packing the short shorts, the tight dress or that white swimsuit - your period should never hold you back from wearing your favourite clothes. 

Don’t forget your supplements and a stash of your favourite herbal teas as well. You can also bring along some essential oils or heating pads to help relieve menstrual cramps, too. 

How To Plan Your Activities

Here’s a more detailed view of how your cycle looks week by week. We have also included some suggestions for activities for inspiration. 

🩸 Menstrual phase (the days you are bleeding): During this phase, your energy levels may be low, and you may experience menstrual cramps or other period symptoms. Therefore, it's best to plan chill and relaxing activities during this phase. Order breakfast in bed and take it slow. Go walking on the beach and enjoy a Guud meal at sunset.

Follicular phase (7-10 days before ovulation): During this phase, you may feel more energetic and open to new experiences. Plan a city trip and go exploring. Try something you haven't done before, like experiencing a new culture or country. Go hiking or try an adventurous activity.

🔥 Ovulation phase (the days you are most fertile): This phase is when you may feel the most social and open to meeting new people. Book a romantic holiday with your lover or if you are single, try to book a holiday with a group of (new) people. Attend a festival or go to social events that interest you.

💆‍♀️ Premenstrual phase (10-14 days before menstruation): During this phase, you may experience mood swings or other premenstrual symptoms. Therefore, it's best to book a holiday where you're used to going, so you can relax to the max. A retreat or an all-inclusive holiday is also an option. If you feel the urge to book a massage every day, just do it! You deserve to pamper yourself during this phase. Try to book a room with a bath to relax.

Embrace your cycle and plan accordingly for a guilt-free summer holiday!

Travelling with a friend? 

If you're planning a summer holiday with a friend or partner who also menstruates, you may want to consider syncing your cycles. This means planning your trip around both of your menstrual cycles so that you can enjoy the same activities together.

There are a few benefits to syncing your cycles during vacation. For one, you'll both be on the same page when it comes to energy levels, cravings, and other physical and emotional symptoms. This can make it easier to plan activities that suit both of your needs. Plus, syncing up can create a deeper sense of connection and bonding between you and your travel partner.

To sync your cycles, you'll need to track your menstrual cycles and plan your trip accordingly. Try using an app to do this as accurately as possible. Once you've determined when each of your cycles will occur, you can plan activities that are suitable for each phase. For example, if you and your travel partner will both be in the premenstrual phase during your trip, you may want to plan activities that are relaxing and pampering, such as spa treatments or lounging on the beach.

It's also important to pack accordingly when syncing your cycles. If you and your travel partner will both be menstruating during your trip, you may want to bring extra pads, tampons, or menstrual cups, and don’t forget your favourite supplements to support your menstrual health. 

Finally, keep in mind that syncing your cycles isn't always a perfect science. Hormonal fluctuations can vary from cycle to cycle, and some women may experience irregular periods or other menstrual issues that can throw off your planning. However, by staying flexible and open to adjusting your plans as needed, you can still have a wonderful holiday with your friend or partner.

So go ahead and plan that summer getaway with your friend or partner, and embrace your cycles together.

Do you want to know more about living according to your cycle? Chat with us – we're happy to help you!