Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Expert Coach


A Guud Start to the New Year

Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Expert Coach

The end of the year can be such a busy time. It can be exciting and joyful with family and friends getting together, but it can also be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing for many of us. 

Whether you like to look back and take stock of your accomplishments or set goals for the year ahead, it’s an important time of the year to reflect. 

In this post, we’re going to share some helpful tips on how to reflect on the year and set goals to make next year a triumphant one!  


So, how was your year? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do? Or, did you make a lot of big plans and fall short of your expectations? Whatever way it went, it’s OK. Let’s remember to practice kindness toward ourselves.  

To help with your practice of reflection, here are a few prompts to consider: 

  • What are you most proud of from the past year? 
  • What were some of your successes?
  • What are your best memories? 
  • Did you learn any lessons? What will you do differently in the year ahead 

When you think about your answers to these questions, try to set up time and space to think. Maybe that’s your favourite room in your house or at your favourite coffee shop with your headphones in. You could also take a mindful walk in nature while thinking too. The important thing is to make this your time and to enjoy it. 

A Guud Start to the New Year 

Start a Self Care Ritual 

You shouldn’t have to wait for the start of a new year to make self-care a priority, but January can often be the perfect time to start a new routine. 

This is the time to take stock and think about ways you can care for YOU! Self-care means something different to everyone, so if you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas:  

  • Try meditation - there are lots of different ways including apps and videos with guided instructions (our favourite are Calm, Headspace and Belgian platform ‘Nog 9 minuten’.
  • Move more - whether that's more walking, yoga or stretching, movement is important to your physical and mental wellbeing. Discover how you can train according to your cycle. 
  • Get outside more - remember that nature has a healing power, so it’s important to get outside every day whether it's for a short walk or a longer adventure. It can also help your circadian rhythm which in turn, helps you sleep.
  • Treat yourself - to a bath, a massage, a facial or whatever makes you feel Guud.
  • Journal - Take notes and record your thoughts regularly. It may not seem like much at the time, but you’ll often be surprised when you look back at your own words.  

Establish a Routine 

Humans thrive on routine! Even if your days are hectic, try to think about the tasks that appear regularly and add them to your calendar so they become part of your schedule. Decide what you want to be part of your routine and make a plan. Maybe you want to start each day with 10 minutes of yoga, or you want to put away all screens at a certain time each night. Whatever it is, start small and be consistent. 

You may even consider adding some of the self-care techniques we suggested as monthly or recurring appointments. Having a routine can often help reduce your stress and improve your mental health. It can make your days feel less urgent which can reduce anxiety and help you relax.  

One way to create a routine is to use your own cycle as a framework. When you live according to the four seasons of your cycle, you can start to create regular patterns in your life based on what your body needs each week of the month. To learn more about the four seasons of your cycle, have a look at this blog post. 

Nourish Your Body

Feeling guud has a lot to do with what we put inside our bodies. We’re not saying that you can’t treat yourself to a slice of cake or a glass of wine every once in a while, but overall, you should aim to nourish your body with a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Key nutrients in some foods can actually make you happier - they influence your levels of feel-good hormones like serotonin. Other nutrients also help prevent inflammation, so blood can easily circulate to all your organs.  

That said, even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, it can sometimes be hard to know if you’re getting the right amount of nutrients. That’s why supplements are a great idea. We have several options that are perfect to support you throughout the year. Take the Quiz and discover what’s Guud for you. 

If you’re looking for more information on how to fuel your body with food through all four phases of your cycle, check out this post here on how to hack your cycle with food. 

Try Something New 

Whether you want to travel somewhere new, learn a new language, try that aerial yoga class or jump out of a plane, trying something new can be a huge source of joy. New experiences are Guud for our emotional health. When you try something new, you get a hit of dopamine (that other feel-good chemical) which makes you feel rewarded. Of course, fear is often a big barrier for trying something new, but remember: the new thing doesn’t need to be massive. Start small. Make a plan and most importantly: make it fun! 

If you’re tracking your cycle, try to find out when you are in the follicular phase (the week after your period). This is the time of your cycle where you are more open to trying new things. It’s common to feel more optimistic or energised during this phase too so pencil in that new activity and let the guud times roll! 💖