Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach


Spice Up Your Sex Life with Food

Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach

How’s your sex life? If you’re getting it on regularly and feeling good when you do it, then well done you! Having a healthy sex drive is linked to feeling pyhsically and emotionally healthy, so we’re proud of you. But… if your sex life is a little stale, we want to help. In this blog, we give you tips to boost your libido

But first, what exactly is libido?

Libido is your sexual appetite or drive. It’s natural for your sex drive to fluctuate throughout the month. It’s impacted by things like your mental state, stress and changes in your hormones. For women, your libido is intricately linked with your cycle and the way your hormones rise and fall throughout the month. Most women feel more excited by sex around the time of ovulation. This makes sense biologically because our clever bodies know that this is the most likely time to get pregnant each month. 

But lifestyle factors also play a big role.

So we think a date night is in order. Use the following list to plan your ultimate dinner date and then… let the Guud times roll!

Top Food to Try

🦪 Oysters

Oysters have long been rumored to boost libido. So grab a few of the slippery shellfish from your local fishmonger and enjoy them as a pre-meal appetizer. 

🍫 Chocolate

Chocolate is often used as a symbol of desire and there's a good reason for it! Chocolate contains the chemicals phenylethylamine and serotonin which are thought to be mood boosters and mild sexual stimulants that may have the power to boost sexual pleasure. And of course, eating chocolate just makes you feel guud. But not all chocolate is created equal. Skip the gooey, caramel covered stuff and opt for high quality, dark chocolate instead.

🍓 Strawberries

Much like oysters, strawberries have a long history as an aphrodisiac. In ancient Rome, the strawberry is a symbol of Venus and in France, there was once a tradition of serving newlyweds cold strawberry soup to help with the honeymoon romance! And is it even Valentine’s Day without a few chocolate covered strawberries?

Strawberries contain several vitamins and minerals that studies suggest may boost libido. If it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt!

🍉 Watermelon

Planning a romantic picnic? Make sure to pack some watermelon for your partner! There’s an amino acid in watermelon called L-citrulline which is said to stimulate blood flow to the penis!


Studies have shown that a daily glass of pomegranate juice could pump up your libido. According to the research, men and women who drank a glass a day for two weeks were found to have more testosterone. Pomegranate is also loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin C. And, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

🙅 Foods to Skip

🍷 Alcohol

It’s easy to think that indulging in a few drinks can help get you in the mood, but having too much alcohol can ruin your ability to perform, especially for men, and it can also impact your ability to orgasm. We’re not saying to abstain from alcohol completely, but stick to one glass of wine with dinner.

🍟 Processed Foods

It’s generally good to reduce your intake of processed foods but especially if you’re looking to boost your libido. Processing removes most of the nutrients in whole foods including the ones that could be important for sexual desire. 

Other Things You Can Do

Foods can only go so far when trying to naturally increase your libido. Here are a few other things to do if you’re looking for more time between the sheets:

  • Boost your self-confidence: The way you feel about your body impacts how you feel about sex. Eat a balanced diet and exercise to help boost your self image.
  • Reduce stress: Being stressed can impact your sex drive. Women are particularly susceptible to the effects of stress on their libido so try incorporating some stress busting routines like yoga, deep breathing or a regular meditation practice.
  • Get plenty of sleep: Try to get enough sleep each night and if you can’t, try to incorporate naps. Make sure you have enough minerals that help you maintain your energy, such as magnesium.
  • Communicate with your partner: Discuss with your partner when you want to have sex (because this also depends on where you are in your cycle). Communicate openly and regularly and try to resolve conflicts as they arise. Don’t let it breed resentment if you can help it. This will help improve your feelings of intimacy and in turn, your sex drive.

Everyone is different and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to increasing your sex drive. Experiment with food. Talk to your partner and most importantly, keep it light. After all, sex is supposed to be fun!

Want to say something about your libido, or have questions? Talk to us. We can help. Just start a chat on our website and one of our experts will answer your questions.