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Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach


How Guud expert Uwe struggled with heavy PMS

Reviewed by

Morgane Leten - Nutrition & Fertility Coach

PMS symptoms can sometimes make you feel a bit crazy. Aside from the physical symptoms of cramps, headaches or bloating, PMS can also cause mood swings in the weeks leading up to your period. These sudden, unexplained changes in mood are hard to deal with and even harder to explain sometimes, but if you are aware of your cycle, you can be a little kinder to yourself and give yourself some grace when you’re feeling inexplicably angry or irritable for no particular reason at all! 

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Guud expert and midwife Uwe noticed that she struggled with heavy PMS but understanding her cycle helped her manage the symptoms. “It’s very helpful to know that I am in the premenstrual phase of my cycle,” she said. “My feelings are there, but I don’t let them overwhelm me.”  

This is an important point for so many women who regularly beat themselves up for “bad” days where you feel low, grumpy or completely drained of energy. It’s high time to start harnessing the power of your cycle, rather than fighting against it. 

How, you ask? Cycle syncing and the ability to live according to your menstrual cycle. 

Your body creates different hormones during each phase of your cycle and that’s why some days you feel like a rockstar and other days… more like a rock. You don’t need to be a victim. All you need to do is understand these hormonal shifts and then modify your usual activities (as much as possible) to suit what’s happening in your body. When you’re in tune with your body, you’ll start to see an impact on every part of your life, from work to your social life to your athletic performance and your sex drive! 

The menstrual cycle has a lot of strength,” says Uwe. “By understanding it, I make it even more powerful. I think that is the best gift you can give yourself as a woman.”  

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Get to Know Uwe

As a mother of two and an experienced midwife, Uwe is all about breaking taboos related to pregnancy and childbirth. With more than ten years of experience, she is an expert on how creating new life changes a woman not just physically, but mentally as well.

In fact, Uwe has written two books on this very subject where she uses her experience to tell beautiful, candid stories about the joy and vulnerability of becoming a mother. She brings passion to her role, but also down-to-earth advice, and when needed, a shoulder to cry on. Because let’s face it, becoming a mum is emotional (and it’s not all hormonal, we swear!)

As a midwife, we are much more accessible and easier to talk to when women have questions about their cycle or menstrual complaints,” said Uwe. “Sharing my experience with endometriosis and living according to my cycle allows me to use my own experience to inform and help other women. For example, I can help you understand what you need in which phase of your cycle to reduce certain menstrual complaints.”

Uwe is now here to help! Get in touch with Uwe or one of our other experts. Ask questions. Navigating pregnancy, post-partum and life after having a baby is hard and we’re here to help! And did you already tried our product finder? It's an easy way to have a closer look at your symptoms, and find out what works for you.